Before You Surrender: A Difficult But Necessary Discussion

We know it’s always a hard decisions to surrender a pet to a shelter or a rescue, but before you do, do you know your animal surrender myths?

  1. My pet will be happier in a home that can give her more attention.
    • False: Many pets experience grief, loss, stress, and depression when rehomed, even if the new owner has more time to care for the pet.  Imagine yourself as a dependent child, and ask yourself if you’d rather live with people who didn’t work as much, or with the caretakers that you had come to know, love, and rely on.  Research has shown that spending just 15 minutes per day with your pet is enough to keep them emotionally healthy & happy.
  2. My pet will be happier in a home where there are no kids taking away from his attention.
    • False: Again, research has shown that spending just 15 minutes per day with your pet is enough to keep them emotionally healthy & happy.  A dog has the mental capacity of the average 2 year old child, and can grow attachments that are just as real and intense as any toddler.  These bonds are more important to your dog than most anything else.
  3. My pet will be better off in a different home because I’m worried he’s showing signs of anxiety, aggression, and/or dominance in my home.
    • False: A dog showing aggression or anxiety has a high likelihood of being euthanized after being surrendered.  With 17,000 pets being born in the US every single day, there is not enough resources and space to work with dogs that have behavioral problems, especially if they are a danger to others.  Even at a highly specialized rescue, such as ourselves, these dogs often spend months or years institutionalized before they are adopted, and are sometimes returned even then.  To provide your pet the best possible chance at a quality life, please consider hiring a professional trainer or taking your pet to behavioral classes before making the decision to surrender your pet.  Learning how to respond properly to your pet’s unwanted behavior, and the best ways to correct it, can go miles for you, your pets, and your family.  For behavioral help to get you started, please check out the following links:
  4. My pet is getting old and she’ll be better off in a place where she can get the medical care she needs.
    • False: Just like dog with special behavioral needs, there is often not enough resources for senior dogs, and they often spend the last of their time institutionalized.  Please remember that to your pet, quality of life trumps quantity, and they rather spend their last days with you than to be rehomed.  Although it’s never an easy decision on what to do with your pet when they need geriatric care, please weigh if it will be more humane to be with your senior pet, holding him, during a humane euthanasia or if he might be fated for the same end in the shelter system, but alone and frightened.

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Low-cost Clinics, Dog Food Banks, & Other Help for Owners

Pet Medical Help

Hendry County:

  • Caloosa Humane Society Vet Clinic (LaBelle, FL) – 863.675.7387

Lee County

  • P.A.W.S. Lee County – 239.652.6722
  • Our Hope Center – 239.543.7387
  • Gulf Coast Humane Society – 239.332.2719
  • Old 41 Vet & Emergency Clinic – 239.498.0591

Collier County:

  • Collier Spay & Neuter Clinic – 239.514.7647

Charlotte County:

  • Choice Vet Services – 941.347.7212

Sarasota County:

  • Suncoast Humane Society – 941.475.3877
  • Animal Recue Coalition – 941.957.1955

Palm Beach County:

  • Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League – 561.686.3663
  • Palm Beach Animal Care and Control – 561.233.1200
    • *Free Spay/Neuter Packages With Proof of Public Assistance*
    • *Has A Mobile Spay/Neuter Bus*
  • Justin Bartlett Animal Hospital – 561.795.9999
  • Furry Friends Adoption & Clinic – 561.747.5311
  • Paws 2 Help – 561.712.1911
  • PBC Cats, Inc. – 561.758.8118
  • S.P.O.T – 561.774.7768
  • Luv-A-Pet, Inc. – 561.748.3663
  • PetLife Animal Hospital – 561.790.6464
  • Stray No More – 561.683.4537

Indian River, Martin, and St. Lucie County:

  • Animal Birth Control of Martin County – 772.223.7030
  • United Humanitarians of Indian River & St. Lucie County – 772.335.3786
  • Humane Society of the Treasure Coast – 772.223.8822
    • *Spay & Neuter Packages For Pet Rabbits Too*

Broward County

  • The Humane Society of Broward County – 954.989.3977
  • Discount Spay/Neuter Clinic – 954.989.9879

Miami-Dade County

  • The Humane Society of Greater Miami – 305.696.0800
  • The Cat Network
    • *Only For Feral Cats*
  • Planned Pethood of America – 305.687.7729

Pet Food Help

Lee County:

  • Harry Chapin Food Bank – 239.334.7007
  • P.A.W.S. Lee County – 239.652.6722

Charlotte County:

  • Animal Welfare League – 941.625.6527

Sarasota County:

  • Suncoast Humane Society – 941.475.3877
  • Humane Society of Sarasota County – 941.955.4131

Palm Beach County:

  • Kibblez of Love – 561.271.5890
  • Passion For Paws – 561.420.0553
  • Elders On The Edge – 561.804.4970
  • Palm Beach Animal Care and Control – 561.233.1200
    • *Food Pickup On Wednesdays Until 3PM*
    • *The Pet Must Be Spayed Or Neutered To Qualify*
  • Palm Beach Animal Care and Control (Pahokee Facility) – 561.924.5657

Pet Prescription Help

All Counties

  • Target, Publix, Walgreens, and Costco have free prescription meds for pets.  Call your local branch for a list of free pet medications.
  • Sam’s Club and Walmart offer low-cost meds for pets.  Call your local branch for prices.
  • AAA offers discounts on pet medicines with an average savings of 24%.  Visit or call 866.AAA.SAVE to find a partnering pharmacy near you.
  • ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center – 888.426.4435
    • *There Is A $65 Fee For This Service*

Join Us At the South Florida Pet Expo!

Come stop by our adoption table at the South Florida Pet Expo!  The expo is free to the public, and their pets, and will include costume competitions, training demonstrations, an agility course, and so much more.


Saturday: 10AM to 5PM & Sunday: 11AM to 4PM

South Florida Expo Center
9067 Southern Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

Medical Fund for Poptart

We are half way through our campaign for Poptart.  Things she still needs medically are:
  • 3 months of injection for heartworms – $200
  • 6 weeks of antibiotics – $30
  • Deworming (non-heartworm) – $20
  • A prosthetic foot so she doesn’t have to have her limb amputated at the hip from muscle atrophy – $800
  • Appointment for limb evaluation and moulding – $150
  • Follow up heartworm exam and bloodwork – $115
  • Prescribed Heartguard – $50
Anything helps.  Every share helps.  Thank you!